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Fall 2021 Meeting #1

Meeting #1 10/25/21

11:30 am

Reading: Jacquelyn M. Urbani — Dialogic Reading: Implementing an Evidence-Based Practice in Complex Classrooms

Our first discussion centered on a conversation about defining “dialogic reading” and what that practice means to us, our students, and our classrooms.

Participants shared readings they’ve used in class and considered how some of the strategies outlined in Urbani’s text might be adopted to heighten the teaching of reading. In particular, we explored how “recursive” reading practices — going back to the same text multiple times and with new and renewed information and perspectives— could put a text in conversation with a) other texts, b) students lives, and c) the world beyond the classroom.

Together, we discussed how dialogic reading is connected to the larger discipline and theoretical framework of Dialogic Practice, a field indebted to the work of the Russian philosopher of literature and language, Mikhail Bakhtin. We explored how the origins in literary studies and linguistics paved the way for Hubert Hermans’ work in “dialogical self theory,” a methodology anchored to constructivist psychology.

Overall, we saw both how Dialogic Reading can provide pragmatic classroom strategies as well as underpin our reading classrooms with a deeper and more nuanced epistemological framework.

In our next session, we look forward to reading Dawan Coombs article, “School Culture, Struggling Adolescent Readers, and the Dialogical Self.”

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