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Fall 2020 Meeting # 3

In our last meeting of the semester, our colleague Brian Hoeft from the Behavioral Sciences department talked about students’ reading and responses, as he begins to use Hypothes.is annotation software in his sociology class at Nassau Community College (SUNY) where Hypothes.is was recently installed as an application within Blackboard. Brian encouraged faculty to use Hypothesis as a way to get resistant readers to do the reading and to deepen students’ reading of challenging texts.

Fall 2020 Meeting # 1

This semester, the “Does Reading Matter?” FIG is taking a deep dive into annotation as a key strategy¬†for helping our students become more engaged, thoughtful, and critical readers. At our first meeting, we participated in a training in using Hypothes.is annotation software. CUNY and Kingsborough are in the process of acquiring this annotation software, which will soon be available to us and our students through Blackboard, as part of a free trial program. This session gave KCC faculty an overview of how the software works in Blackboard and addressed specific questions individual instructors had about how they might use it in their courses.